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These really cool video shorts are brief and to-the-point. And so many great topics to choose from. Watch from your computer or mobile device (iPad, iPhone, and Android devices all work) - anywhere that you can get online. Appears on the left of your dashboard. Can be played unlimited times for one week from purchase date. Not downloadable videos.

  • LEARN MORE Prescreen Audition

    Prescreen Audition

    Show Your Best Self: Creating Your Prescreen Audition
    The most popular performing arts college programs now require a prescreen audition to determine if you are granted an in-person audition. This how-to video will show you how to make a great first impression. (45 minutes)

  • LEARN MORE Getting Scholarships

    Getting Scholarships

    Erin Ogren, owner of Central Coast College Consultants, gives you essential information on scholarships. She covers how to apply for financial aid for performing arts programs, and find the colleges with the scholarship money you need! (30 minutes)

  • LEARN MORE College App 101

    College App 101

    Erin Ogren, owner of Central Coast College Consultants, who specializes in performing arts programs, gives expert advice on how to organize your applications. (45 minutes)

  • LEARN MORE Text Analysis

    Text Analysis

    Nationally known monologue coach, Mary Anna Dennard, shares her winning technique for text analysis, and how to give the most thoughtfully prepared audition. (30 minutes)

  • LEARN MORE Warm-Up For Actors

    Warm-Up For Actors

    Larry Lane, named in Vogue magazine as one of the nation's leading fitness expert, takes you through a simple, basic body warm-up for all performers that you can do anywhere. (25 minutes)

  • LEARN MORE Healthy Belting

    Healthy Belting

    Kaitlin Hopkins, Head of Musical Theatre at Texas State University, addresses  singing, song choice, and when and how to belt (1 hour)